New York D. Doodlez #108

Here is some process shots of how I go about doing my "Daily Doodlez" I usually start with a messy pencil sketch. At stage 1) I'm trying to figure out how I felt and what I want to remember. There is a lot of erasing and redrawing.  Stage 2) I start to map out how I'd like to render my image with directional strokes. By Stage 3) I have a general idea on how I want it to look and fill it up till it's finished. It's all meant to be quick and just for fun. I keep in mind anatomy and perspective, but it's mainly a learning tool for myself to capture a moment in my life. 


Polyxeni said...

I am really loving this! especially the process work. Keep it up Alice you're stuff is super inspiring and adorable!!! :D

Alice Wong said...

Poly!!! I'm glad to hear that, thank you so much!!! :D

Maria Doering said...

It's very impressive how energetic the first two sketch-stages are and how calm the final outcome is!