Alternative Press Expo 2013

It's almost here!!! Join myself and my table-mates Steph Lew and Lain Yee at APE. 
There will be endless tables of talented artists so get inspired and visit.


One Step at a Time

Having a lot of fun putting these doodles into colored pencils. I still get that grain look that I like but now in colors!!! The dog in the picture is my Audrey. She makes me so happy. I'm excited to draw her again. Also at some point I hope to experiment with environments and full Illustrations, but one step at a time.


Anxious for More

My friend introduced me to an artist that I absolutely love! Her colored pencil work is so delicate and beautiful (Check out Genevieve Godbout's blog here: http://rose-a-petits-pois.blogspot.com). I was very inspired to play with my colored pencils, tonight. Recently most of my work is done in pencil and it's about time for a little bit of color. One day I hope to print patterns on fabric and sew them up to wear on a daily basis. Dresses are so fun and it'd be great to be able to use the "May we always grow" logo on them.


Prop: ToDo Planner

I've been slowly working on my personal project. I wrote a short story and gradually developing the world. If you want to see what I have thus far, there is a "Personal Project" tab on the main blog page. Please check it out and I hope you like it.


New York D. Doodlez #108

Here is some process shots of how I go about doing my "Daily Doodlez" I usually start with a messy pencil sketch. At stage 1) I'm trying to figure out how I felt and what I want to remember. There is a lot of erasing and redrawing.  Once I figure out that, stage 2) I start to map out how I'd like to render my image and keep working on that till the finish. 


Monster University

I am a huge fan of Pixar movies and super excited for their upcoming film, Monsters University. In anticipation of the movie coming out soon, (June 21st!!!) I wanted to create/design my own Monsters University ID. I would totally LOVE being in that world. Eventually, I'll have this printed out, laminated, and attached to my work badge. 

There is also a site where you can make one of your own! (http://disney.go.com/monsters-university/create-a-monster/#customize/share)


Places I'd love to go

I think this is a place in Scotland. The image wasn't labeled.


Just Keep Swimming

Practice time! It's been a sweet & relaxing Sunday. Spent some of it practicing digital painting. I thought these had neat colors and wanted to try to extend the compositions. Each were done 20-30 mins at a very small scale to keep rough.  All of these images were found on Pinterest. I love Pinterest :)

  La Grotta Cove, Corfu Island, Greece
Poppy Fields in western Antelope Valley, California
Tuscany, Italy. One of my favorite memories and places I'd like to go back to. 

Flying home

Visited home and got to celebrate many things!!! I arrived May 12, 2013 and celebrated dads homecoming, Mother's day, brother's birthday, and my new sister-in-law! It was very special, and I'm glad I flew home to see everyone. I miss them already! Fortunately I'll have two more chances this year to see them, August and October. Traveling is fun and I'm glad I get to do it a few times this year. 



I recently got to display some of my Daily Doodlez at an event called (Re)present. It's a South Bay First Thursday (SBFT) shindig that celebrates Asian-Pacific Islander (API) community. The idea of SBFT is to "inspire, educate, and mobilize the community about API relevant issues by promoting safe and facilitated dialogues. It was a great experience being amongst those that got to share their passion. This happens monthly (www.sbft.org)


Out of Nowhere...

Life can get rough, so I like to make things to cheer me up! 
I found an awesome DIY tutorial online on how to make these beautiful roses 
They are so simple, inexpensive, and elegant. I hope to make more! 
As for the journals, my dear friend Adam taught me to make them,
and have been making them since! I'll have a small library
of sketch journals soon


Quick Paints


There are a lot of beautiful architecture in Disneyland. So for a few mornings I did a "quick"paint of various iconic Disneyland buildings. 
This took me about an hour? Not sure some days I'd go and get coffee at one point. 
Anyway, adding another thing to my plate to try. There are so many things 
I want to do! Still fingering out how to do it all.

"Practice, practice, patience"Even though I color picked, 
I still learned a  lot from doing it. Very surprised at what colors showed up, 
especially in the shadow areas. This was fun, might do it again.


Duck or Rabbit?

Spent the weekend painting. 
Trying my best to make an illustration a month. 
"Duck or Rabbit?" is for month of January.


Duck or Rabbit? Pass Two

I got valuable feedback from my friend, Priscilla. 
so I adjusted some elements according to her suggestions.  
This version is a lot more cinematic than the previous. 
Thanks to her help, I now have a clear focal point.