Keep going

It's a New Year! Which means new goals that I want to accomplish. This year I hope to do more studies from life. Practice digital painting/sketching outside, while also working on personal doodles.


Doilies Forever

Who doesn't LOVE a good doily coaster? It's an elegant cup cushion and it graciously takes care of our surfaces. I spent more than a hour studying this one, I really wanted to try and figure out how to differentiate the textures between the doily and my tea cup.


The Practice Peach

It's important to keep trying and doing, no matter what. I learned a lot from just doing 1 hour studies of basic stuff that I find beautiful in life. For today, a delicious peach. 


Grand Opening!!!

I really want to do illustration series about a Hummingbird and her Tea Shop and really try to develop her world, friends, and her passion for making the perfect cup of tea. So to start it off, I painted the Grand Opening of her Tea shop! 


Mmm... Rainy Day

It doesn't rain much in California. It's one of the reasons why I miss home so much. I remember anticipating the thunderstorms back in Connecticut. The excitement of when the sky grows dark, smell of the rain, and being inside listening to the pitter-patter.


One Step at a Time

Having a lot of fun putting these doodles into colored pencils. I still get that grain look that I like but now in colors!!! The dog in the picture is my Audrey. She makes me so happy. I'm excited to draw her again. Also at some point I hope to experiment with environments and full Illustrations, but one step at a time.



My friend introduced me to an artist that I absolutely love! Her colored pencil work is so delicate and beautiful (Check out Genevieve Godbout's blog here: http://rose-a-petits-pois.blogspot.com). I was very inspired to play with my colored pencils, tonight. Recently most of my work is done in pencil and it's about time for a little bit of color. One day I hope to print patterns on fabric and sew them up to wear on a daily basis. Dresses are so fun and it'd be great to be able to use the "May we always grow" logo on them.


New York D. Doodlez #108

Here is some process shots of how I go about doing my "Daily Doodlez" I usually start with a messy pencil sketch. At stage 1) I'm trying to figure out how I felt and what I want to remember. There is a lot of erasing and redrawing.  Stage 2) I start to map out how I'd like to render my image with directional strokes. By Stage 3) I have a general idea on how I want it to look and fill it up till it's finished. It's all meant to be quick and just for fun. I keep in mind anatomy and perspective, but it's mainly a learning tool for myself to capture a moment in my life.