One Step at a Time

Having a lot of fun putting these doodles into colored pencils. I still get that grain look that I like but now in colors!!! The dog in the picture is my Audrey. She makes me so happy. I'm excited to draw her again. Also at some point I hope to experiment with environments and full Illustrations, but one step at a time.



My friend introduced me to an artist that I absolutely love! Her colored pencil work is so delicate and beautiful (Check out Genevieve Godbout's blog here: http://rose-a-petits-pois.blogspot.com). I was very inspired to play with my colored pencils, tonight. Recently most of my work is done in pencil and it's about time for a little bit of color. One day I hope to print patterns on fabric and sew them up to wear on a daily basis. Dresses are so fun and it'd be great to be able to use the "May we always grow" logo on them.